Thursday, August 10, 2006


TSA bans carry-on liquids, urges passengers to check all bags.
You can take knitting needles, nail files and small scissors aboard flights in your carry-on bags, but as of today, not shampoo, hair gel or toothpaste, according to new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) rules.
You know, if I was certain that my checked bags would actually arrive at my destination, and that no "screener" would steal anything from my bags, I wouldn't mind checking my bags.

But airlines have NEVER had a perfect rate of getting checked bags on the same plane as the customer, and I keep hearing more and more stories of "screeners" stealing stuff from checked baggage.

It's better to just not fly at all.

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Jenna said...

Why toothpaste?! Seriously, what are they trying to prevent from blocking liquids in their hand-held baggage? Good thing there are gums and floss. But you gotta admit that this is too high-strung for a security SOP.

Jenna Schrock