Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Bush Administration lies 935 times, at least. Remind me again why we haven't impeached the murdering traitor... oh yeah... because the Democrats HAVE NO SPINE.

Impeach NOW. Bush and Cheney and all their cronies deserve prison time for the US Troops they murdered with their lies.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Why There Should Be A Recount

Ars Technica:
The fact that optical scanners leave a paper record is totally irrelevant if a random audit of the results is not mandatory by law after every election. And in New Hampshire, there are no mandatory audits. As I've said before, mandating a paper trail without also requiring post-election audits is like buying a security system for your house and then not turning it on.

Ron Paul and his supporters may be a bit loopy, but they are 100 percent correct in insisting on some type of audit of the NH results—not because Hillary hacked the vote (I currently think there are better explanations for the results than vote hacking), but because such audits should always occur as a matter of course. Again, when you use an electronic voting system, you must audit the results if you want to have confidence in them.


In a truly democratic election, the burden of proof is on the state to provide evidence of the election's integrity. This sentiment is behind the idea that ballots should be counted under the watchful eyes of the public's representatives. So elections are held to a much different standard than criminal proceedings, where the burden of proof is on the one who brings a charge of wrongdoing.

Right now, in the absence of an audit of the New Hampshire results, the state has not met the requirement that it prove to the public that the election was fair. This is what the fuss is about. New Hampshire does not have the manual audit requirement that is necessary to prove that an election was fair, so that state's ballots were effectively counted in secret by closed-source machine code. When ballots are counted in secret and it's up to the voters to prove that the election was rigged when they're surprised by the results, that's not the kind of democracy that the Founders had in mind for us.
Go read the whole thing. Then demand a recount. Our democracy is worth being certain.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Why Rant?

Why should only politicians get good health care?

Conservative website blames liberals for their inability to learn how to program to make their website better. This really takes the cake.

If we aren't hearing from "peaceful Muslims", then why is a peaceful Muslim blogger in jail? If he never said anything, he wouldn't be a threat to the hard-liners, would he?

I was all ready to be angry at John Edwards for an insensitive response to Hillary's tears when Stranger at Blah3 set me straight. Thank you, Stranger. I'm still an Edwards gal.

The final post of mil blogger Andrew Olmsted.

And for something light-hearted: The Baby Primary.