Thursday, September 30, 2004


No, I didn't watch them. Two guys throwing pre-packaged lines at each other? Boring.

Ichiro Watch

An RBI single in the top of the 3rd means that he's at 256, just one hit away from the record. It's possible that he'll come up again in this game... I'll post again if he gets another hit.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Ultimate Sacrifice

Her son died for Bush's lies in Iraq, and Rethuglicans dare to call her a traitor. Go, read about real voices of those who have given a lot more to this country than dubya ever will.

Ichiro Watch

He just hit number 255 in the top of the 5th. Only two away from the record. The Japanese press is in Oakland in force.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 4

No hit in the top of the 6th, and here in the top of the 9th -- ground out. Probably won't get another at bat, since it's the ninth and the M's have a good lead.

Ichiro Watch part 3

Top of the 5th, Ichiro hits a single up the middle for 254.

It looks like Hudson's pitching was only slightly affected by getting walloped in the back. He didn't have a fantastic fourth, but it was tolerable.

Ichiro Watch part 2

Another almost hit, as the shot came right up back the middle and hit the pitcher in the back then bounced off him right to the shortstop who threw Ichiro out. I'm waiting to see if the pitcher, Hudson, is going to be ok. That's always a really dangerous moment, when the ball finds the pitcher like that...

Both the Angels and the Rangers want the M's to win. The Rangers chances are worse at the moment than the Angels, but nobody has clinched this division. The M's are purely playing spoiler now. Really good practice for the young players. Anyway, the M's are up 3-0 as the bottom of the second starts.

Ichiro Watch

He hit a double in the top of the first, and later came around to score, so he's still on track for the record.

The young Mariners players who have been coming up at the end of the season have been playing really well. Jeremy Reed in particular seems to be thriving with the M's. I hope this bodes well for next year's team.

Monday, September 27, 2004

One Simple Question

The bounty increases. Will anyone ask it?

Ichiro Watch

He got his needed hit in the top of the 7th, so he's still on track. He could get another at bat if the M's can get a baserunner.

Scary Stuff

Via Gallimaufry, there's an article at Orcinus by David Neiwert that compares the current path of the Republican party to the trappings of Fascism. It's a strange comparison that brings up some valid points. I think there is a tiny branch of current Republicans, the Bush Republicans/Rethuglicans/Hateriots, that are definitely headed down that path. I don't think they are there yet, nor do I believe they are doing this intentionally (though sometimes I wonder), but it is a very scary look at what could happen if they aren't stopped.


Our water is being turned off today from 9-6. This wouldn't be so bad if I ever worked on Mondays, which I don't. Eric and I plan on running some errands during the time the water is off, though I may come home and exercise before it comes back on.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Utterly Pointless Thoughts

The Seahawks won 34-0, which apparently broke a very long record of not being shut out on the part of the 49ers. Oops. That puts the Seahawks at 3-0, which means they will definitely have a better record this year than they did in 1976 and 1992... both seasons in which they only won two games. The Seahawks best ever record was 12-4 in 1984.

The Mariners need to win three more games of the last seven games left to play if they want to avoid having 100 losses. The M's have had over 100 losses in three seasons, the most recent being 102 losses in 1983. They also came close in 1992, with 98 losses. If the M's want to finish over .400 this season, they have to win five of the last seven games.

And, of course, Ichiro still needs to average a hit a game to break the record.

I suppose I ought to go check out the Sonics record too, while I'm at it, but I'm just not quite as interested in Basketball.

And In Football News...

The game barely started and the Seahawks already are leading 10-0 with a couple of turnovers. Ok, the second turnover is being challenged, but I somehow doubt that it will be changed. It was a pretty clear forced fumble/sack/fumble recovery. The Seattle defense is VERY good, but the offense is a little shaky still. The play stands, Seahawks got the ball in excellent field position.

M's Update

They added two more runs in the top of the 9th for a 9-0 lead. Unless Texas can pull off a miracle and tie the game, Ichiro isn't getting another at bat. I guess we'll just have to settle for one hit.

Hubby-Eric suggested that if/when Ichiro breaks the record we should go out to dinner at Sizzler. Get it? Sisler's record, Sizzler Steaks... Uh.

Bloggers Sell Out

So there's a bunch of news on the blogosphere about bloggers selling out, and making a living off of blogging. I find that to be really amusing. I put some blogads up on my blog without mentioning them, just to see if they would get any clicks at all. So far? Nada. Nobody has clicked on any blogad on my page. While I kind of expected it, I guess I figured I would get at least one click in the time period.

A person like me cannot make money on blogging. I don't provide a service so much as a lot of opinions. Some irritating. Nobody would want to pay me for what I do. It's a hobby. A FRIGGIN' HOBBY.

So this whole concept that some bloggers ought to be making money, that they provide something more valuable than the media... I'll buy into it partway, but not so much that I believe anyone ought to be making a living at this. When you make a living off of your writing, you aren't a blogger anymore. You're a writer/journalist/web designer. You've moved beyond blogs to something else. Only time will define what that something else really is.

Ichiro Watch part 2

He got a hit in the top of the 6th. That puts him at 251: the record is 257. The next milestone is Al Simmons who had 253 hits in 1925. It's really unlikely for him to hit that in this game.

The M's are up 6-0, but Ichiro was caught stealing to end the sixth. Bummer.

NFL Predictions

Johnny Bacardi has posted his FEARLESS NFL PIGSKIN PROGNOSTICATIONS. Once again, the guess is that Seattle will win. I have no problem with it, but I do wonder after seeing last week's poorly played game. Everyone thinks the Seahawks are a great team, but I haven't seen it yet.

Then again, as Grandpa said last night, "A win is a win is a win."

Ichiro Watch

So he got a hit in yesterday's game, and only needs one hit per remaining game to break the record. He's at 250 at the moment. He just batted in the top of the 2nd, but was given an intentional walk. He didn't get a hit in the 1st. So no hits yet in today's game.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 4

Intentional walk in the top of the 9th. The score is tied at the moment, but who knows if it will stay that way. Ichiro stays at 249.

Cool Time-Lapse Video

LA to New York. Quicktime vid.


The Bush link to the Nazis is getting a bit of attention now that two former slave labourers at Auschwitz are suing the Bush family for damages. This might be one to watch.

Ibanez Watch

He's got nine consecutive hits now, which is a new Mariners record.

Ichiro Watch part 3

Top of the seventh with two outs. And... he swings at a pitch WAY outside... Will he get another AB? Probably not. So we remain at 249.

Ichiro Watch part 2

Top of the 6th, base hit back up the middle, 249. The telecast has an annoying graphic that zooms onto the screen to keep us up-to-date on how many hits he has. Actually, there's nothing wrong with the graphic, it's the "fart" sound that accompanies it.

Ichiro will definitely get another at bat tonight. Maybe he can match the next milestone, Rogers Hornsby (1922) and Chuck Klein (1930) hit 250.

Ichiro Watch

A single in the top of the third put him "on pace" to tie the record. That also ties him with Ty Cobb's 1911 record.

Ichiro got a sacrifice fly in the top of the fourth, so while it wasn't a hit, it also doesn't count as an at bat.

He'll definitely get another plate appearance tonight, possibly two.

Last night's Ichiro watch

Darn, Ichiro didn't get a hit last night.

Oh, wait, there wasn't a game last night?

Never mind...

Thursday, September 23, 2004


The AP screwed up. They put a headline on an article: "Kerry: Draft Likely to Return Under Bush" that misrepresented what Kerry said. In reality? He said "I can't tell you" when asked about whether or not a draft is likely under a second Bush term.

Will the draft come back? Maybe. Iraq is a royal mess at the moment. Who can tell what the future holds.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 5

Good grief. I didn't see it, but he got ANOTHER hit... 247. Wowsa.

Ibanez Watch

So Raul Ibanez sets a new M's record by going 6 for 6... and now the M's are up 16 to 6, still in the top of the 8th. Ichiro might even get another at bat at the rate this is going.

Ichiro Watch part 4

Number 246... that ties Sisler's 1922 hits. Next milestone is Ty Cobb's, and since it would require two more hits, and we're in the top of the 8th, seems really unlikely he could do it tonight... although with a score of 15 to 6 and counting, it's only mostly beyond the realms of possibility.

Ichiro Watch part 3

RBI single in the top of the 6th, that makes 245 hits. Twelve more to tie.

M's Update

Ha! The M's just batted around in the top of the 4th. That'll teach them to walk Ichiro... ;)

Ichiro Watch part 2

No joy in his second at bat (top of the second), and in the top of the 4th he's getting yet another intentional watch. Grrr.

Ichiro Watch

Aren't you glad there's no game tomorrow?

Ichiro started off tonight's game with a solid hit into left field. A single, but that's fine. That's hit number 244. Fourteen more hits will break the record.

The next milestone is Sisler's 1922 record of 246 hits. Again, he could reach that tonight. Like last night, it's incredibly unlikely. But then, look what happened last night...

The next milestone after Sisler's 1922 would be Ty Cobb's 1911 record of 248 hits. Ichiro would have to equal last night's amazing feat to tie that record tonight. Not freakin' likely.

The Mariners and the Times

So the newspaper says Ichiro is on pace for 261 now. Heh. In baseball, "pace" is meaningless. Of more interest is the fact that the Mariners have 11 more games and Ichiro needs 15 hits to break the record. Possible, but not a certainty by any stretch.

The Times has pretty much stopped reporting on the M's standings. It's too depressing. After all, 57-94 is a record like the early Mariners.

The M's cannot get their worst ever winning percentage (0.350 in 1978) but they could have the most losses in a season if they lost every remaining game. The Mariners have only had 100 or more losses in a season three times in their history, if they lose six more games they can make it four times. Even if they win every remaining game, this will be their worst season since 1992 (64-98, 0.395).

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 5

My oh my. Five for five, all singles. That puts him ahead of his own personal best for a season, and gives him the sole record for singles in a season all-time. And the M's might even win this one. It's distinctly possible. It's really unlikely that Ichiro will get another at bat in this game, though, so I'm probably done live-blogging it.

Ichiro Watch part 4

ANOTHER HIT!!! 242!! He's tied his best, and he's tied the all-time record for singles in a season. He's four for four in this game... and he's sure to get one more at bat. He's fun to watch, despite the losing season.


I played around a bit with some javascript and added a nice countdown until Election Day to the Seasonal links on the sidebar. Forty-two days right now. Very appropriate for the radio show I listened to this morning...

I may start testing out some bloglines blogrolling tools here soon, too. I'd like to not try them out on my main blog, because I don't want them to screw things up. If they work, I may well move them over, though.

Ichiro Watch part 3

Another at bat, another hit! This one was a very nice infield hit in which he simply flat-out beat the throw. Incredible. That puts us at 241 in the top of the 4th, and Ichiro should get two more chances tonight.

Ichiro is also closing in on the all-time record for singles in a season. Apparently he has already beaten the modern record, but he's a single away from the all-time record. Amazing.

Wow, Mariners fans actually have something to cheer about...

Ichiro Watch part 2

The M's had a good first inning, so Ichiro came up in the top of the 2nd and got another hit. That puts him at 240. Ichiro's personal record is 242 in a season (set in 2001, according to so it looks like he's going to beat his personal best for sure.

It's possibly, but incredibly unlikely, that he could equal or even beat his personal best this game. It's only the top of the 3rd now, and the M's are having another good inning...

Ichiro Watch

He started off tonight's game with hit #239. Let's see if he can't add a couple more tonight, eh?

Thug Redux

Hateriot Sign in New York. I think I prefer "Rethuglican" to "Hateriot", but they are the same thing. Bush Republicans, the few, the egotistical, the insane.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 4

Intentional walk. Again, I don't blame the Angels for walking him with first base open. But it is kind of annoying. I wonder what pace Ichiro is on now?

Ichiro Watch part 3

He got another hit in the top of the sixth. The M's are still behind, but hey, Ichiro got two hits... and he's going to get one more AB in the game.

Ichiro Watch part 2

So he got a hit in the top of the 5th. Another single. With one out. Now if he can get another hit or two in this game, then we'll be going somewhere with this.

Ichiro Watch

According to the Times, Ichiro has fallen off the pace to beat the record. On the one hand, pace doesn't mean anything in baseball, on the other hand, I kinda wish he'd stayed up so breaking the record would be more likely.

In two ABs in tonight's game so far, he hasn't got a hit. And the Anaheim fans are booing him. Yeah, like he's a real threat to your standings all alone. I mean, good grief, the M's are 31 games behind. And Ichiro alone isn't going to bust your team, especially when you've got a one-nothing lead already.

Right after Ichiro grounded out, Winn got up and got hit by a pitch. Apparently Franklin hit a player, and the benches were warned, so the pitcher should have been tossed. Bad umping. If you are going to warn the benches, you'd better back it up. I've never understood the notion of warning the benches after one hit player. Shouldn't there be a pattern of abuse, first?

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Neighbors Down the Street

They also had their Kerry/Edwards sign stolen, same time as ours. I went down and gave them the police number and information. I also told the police this time that I'd noticed that all the O'Brien signs up and down the street have been broken. Only mine, which I replaced recently, is intact.

The Rethuglicans are trying to intimidate us. It won't work. I'm just getting more angry.

Thugs Again

Sign number 3 has been stolen. It happened sometime between the end of the Seahawks game and 6:30. I called the police to report it. I'm really peeved. What good does stealing someone's sign out of their yard do? All it does is increase the anger, it's not going to convince me to not vote for Kerry. If anything, it's going to make me more intense about the thing.

Thugs. I hope the police catch them.

Sports Watch

No hits for Ichiro, but at least the Seahawks won, 10-6. It wasn't a pretty game, but at least they won. And Alexander looked to be playing just fine.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Ichiro Watch

236 hits with 14 more games to go.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 2

So he got a hit in the bottom of the fifth, but the first-base umpire made a stupid error and called him out. When I saw it live it looked like a hit, when I saw the slo-mo replay I saw it was DEFINITELY a hit. So the ump stole a hit from Ichiro.

Ichiro Watch

No more hits last night, but he just got a hit today. I took off before Ichiro's fourth at bat yesterday, and missed the last one while I was on the road. Today he grounded out in the first inning, but just got a hit in the bottom of the third.

This hit by Ichiro ties a record for singles, by the way. So at least he's got that.

Are Political Polls Worthless?

Two new pieces of information have popped up about polling organization methods. One is slightly sinister, and one just a sign of the times, but they both indicate that paying attention to polls is a silly activity in a lot of ways.

First, the non-sinister one. As noted on the electoral college predictor site this morning, Newsday's Jim Breslin wrote an article that argues that polls are worthless because they don't call cell phones, only land lines. The arguement goes like this: Because a large number of voters, usually the young, no longer use land lines the polls are deeply inaccurate and slanted toward the conservative, older voters.

Nifty. And possibly even true. On Political Wire, a pollster responds to the article. The summary? "As an industry, we must adapt to the future or face extinction, because the telephone will not always be a valid method of conducting random samples." However, for the time being, telephones are still the way to conduct calls.

Well, that's a way to look at the polls. But what about the more sinister problem?

It's with Gallup polls, and it's explained in detail by Steve Soto of The Left Coaster. Basically: "the Gallup Poll, despite its reputation, assumes that this November 40% of those turning out to vote will be Republicans, and only 33% will be Democrat."

The problem with that approach is that, historically, those numbers don't work out: "If we look at the three last Presidential elections, the spread was 34% Democrats, 34% Republicans and 33% Independents (in 1992 with Ross Perot in the race); 39% Democrats, 34% Republicans, and 27% Independents in 1996; and 39% Democrats, 35% Republicans and 26% Independents in 2000." It looks to me like Gallup has it reversed!

Why is this sinister? Well, besides the fact that Republicans usually are the ones ordering Gallup polls, the CEO of Gallup is a dyed-in-the-wool Republican.

Ooooh, scary stuff, kiddies!

Just another reason why the election season is so utterly obnoxious.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Ichiro Watch part 3

Bottom of the 4th, another intentional walk, another bunch of loud and angry booing.

Ichiro Watch part 2

Oh boy are the fans booing! The Angels just gave Ichiro an intentional walk in the bottom of the 2nd. Really good strat for the Angels, but obviously not a good thing for M's fans who have only Ichiro's run for the record to entertain them.

Ichiro Watch

I'm watching his first at-bat in tonight's game now. Walked... he needs 25 hits in 17 games, I think.

Too Good To Pass Up

From here:
Suppose you hired a contractor to put on a new roof and he ended up creating a huge hole in it instead. The contractor simply denies that a hole exists and keeps telling you to relax that your new roof is coming along just fine. The other contractor in town drives by and says he can fix that hole in your roof. You ask him how and he says, "well, I'll have to take a look at it and see how much damage is done but I have years of experience and a lot of good workers and I can get the job done for you. I'll tell you one thing, that guy you've got working on it doesn't know what he's doing. The hole's getting bigger while we stand here looking at it."

[Bush Supporters] would pick the first contractor because they know his work. (And he's a blast to have a beer with at the end of the workday.) The second guy refused to say exactly what he would do without looking at the damage up close so he can't be trusted.

Pretty much sums up THAT argument.

Sign Update

Ok, Kerry/Edwards sign number 3 is now in the yard, with backup sign number 4 sitting prettily in our living room waiting to be posted when/if number 3 gets stolen by rethuglicans. I also put up another Al O'Brien sign to replace the one smashed when the thugs stole the last Kerry/Edwards sign. There are four election signs in our yard now, each for a different candidate.

For the record, we have an Al O'Brien sign, a Rosemary McAuliffe sign, the aforementioned Kerry/Edwards sign, and a sign for Mark Ericks, who is running for the seat that Jeanne Edwards is retiring from. Ericks is endorsed by Edwards.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Laughy Show

Can you possibly guess what show hubby-Eric and I have dubbed "The Laughy Show"? It's because when he watches it, Eric keeps laughing loudly... enough to keep me awake if I'm trying to sleep.

Ichiro Watch

Another hit, a slightly dubious one, but a hit nonetheless.

Keeping Up To Date

On September 2nd, I put up a Kerry/Edwards sign in my front yard. Within two hours of putting up the sign, a pickup truck stopped outside my house and the male occupant yelled "Kerry is a f*****" and several other obscenities.

On Monday morning, the 13th of September, we noticed that the sign was gone.

Yesterday, the 14th of September and election day, we got a new sign and put it out.

When I arrived home this afternoon at about 5 pm, the sign was there. When my husband arrived home about 8:40, the Al O'Brien sign had been knocked down and the Kerry/Edwards sign was gone completely. I was really annoyed, so I called the police and filed a report. I was gratified to learn that the police take such thefts EXTREMELY seriously. They gave me a case number and instructed me to report if/when the replacement is stolen.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Ichiro got a Hit

He got an RBI groundrule double. Not bad. Doesn't look like he'll get another AB, though, so that's probably it.

Books From The Library

Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America by Loren Coleman. I've always been mildly interested in Bigfoot, and I saw a good review of this book in Fortean Times (which I borrow from my hairdresser, don't laugh). I don't know if I'll enjoy it, but it's worth a look to me.

The Tale of One Bad Rat by Bryan Talbot. I know absolutely nothing about this book, but it was recommended on The Eleven List, so I've checked it out.

Unshelved Vol 1 by Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. I enjoy the webcomic a lot, so it was a no-brainer to check out the collection.

The Smithsonian Collection of Newspaper Comics. Also from The Eleven List, but I've got the Comic Book Comics collection and love it, so this wasn't a big jump for me. This thing is HUGE. I'm definitely looking forward to going through it.

Reviews of these book will show up sometime in the future on Bloggity-Blog-Blog-Blog.

Rethuglican Redux

So someone stole our John Kerry sign. I went and got a new one and put it out.

When I mentioned that our first sign was stolen, the folks at the Demo headquarters started to tell stories about how to prevent theft. The most reasonable was to put the sign in a window (not an option at our house, due to the trees). One of the least reasonable but more amusing options was a guy who hooked up a horn to the sign so that if the sign was removed, the horn would go off and let everyone know that someone was sign-stealing. When I put the sign out, I noticed it left a trail of grease on my hands (it's a metal frame with the sign attached) and had evil thoughts of putting itching powder on it. I doubt I'll go to such lengths, unless the sign is constantly removed in the next seven weeks.

I'm against sign stealing for any party. I'm ashamed to admit that I was a party to the theft of a sign in High School. The instigator was a good friend of mine, and we were coming back from a meeting at another school (I think it was a Junior Achivement meeting, but I'm not sure) when he told me that he wanted a sign for so-and-so to put in his yard. And he knew where there was a sign that was hard to see from the road. Would I be so kind as to grab it for him? I did it, and I'm still embarrassed about it. But then, the sign went into a higher traffic area... and he was right, it was really hard to see from the road (I seem to recall telling him there was no sign there until he pointed it out to me). So I guess it was a case of positive sign stealing? I'm still embarrassed. I suspect that if I'd hung out with my friend a bit more I would have gotten into more dubious adventures. Just as well that I wasn't very outgoing back then.

Was there a point to this post? Oh yeah. Sign stealing is wrong, and annoying. It's also tells me that people aren't confident in their candidate. The only reason you would want to remove the name of the opponent from the public eye is if you know your guy is unlikely to be voted in. So it's an indication of both desperation and thuggery. I guess that makes my younger self a desperate thug. Sounds about right.

For Future Reference

The local library is a polling place, and the place was JAM-PACKED today when I went to return a couple of books. I also checked out four more books. But getting in and out of the usually fairly easy parking lot was a bit of a nightmare today.

If the polling places are this busy during the primary, and a disputed one at that, there's no way I'm going to a polling place on November 2nd. Viva la Absentee Ballot!

Election Day

It's primary election day in Washington. I sent in my absentee ballot almost two weeks ago. This is going to be a stressful primary for a lot of folks, as Washington was one of the few states that had a free primary in which people could vote for anyone they chose, across party lines even, if they wanted.

The parties argued successfully that it was unfair for non-party members to vote in party primaries, which is true enough, then managed to cheat the state into paying for the party primaries, which is absolutely wrong.

I'd like to sue the political parties into paying the state back for all the extra money spent on this stupid primary. I wonder if I could start a class-action suit, and if it would actually have any chance of going anywhere, considering that the political parties run everything, including the courts?

No Hits

Ichiro went hitless last night. And I was only watching the game so I could see his hits. Grrr.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Ichiro Thoughts

I must have miscounted at some point. The Seattle Times today says there are 20 more games to go. Ichiro has, as of this morning, 231 hits. The record is 257. He needs 26 more hits to tie, 27 to break.

Sunday, September 12, 2004


They won. Big time. I didn't see most of the game, but I caught the very end. Looked like Alexander, one of the better Seahawks players, hurt himself right at the end. That could change the season, if they lose him. But then, what do I know?

Ichiro Watch Part 2

So Ichiro broke his "slump" today with two more hits. That makes it 26 more hits to tie the record, 27 to break it. I think there's 19 more games.

Ichiro Watch

Eric here, pinch hitting on the latest on Ichiro's attempt to get a new season-high hits record. It's not been pretty of late, as Boston has been completely dominant over the Mariners in the last two games, 13-2 and 9-0. At any rate, Ichiro didn't get a hit in either game. So now he has to get 29 hits in the last 20 games to break Sisler's record. He's capable of doing it, however, so if his bat can get hot again it will be another little ray of sunshine in an otherwise dismal season.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Johnny's Predictions

Johnny B's Fearless NFL Pigskin Prognostications has the Seahawks losing to New Orleans on Sunday. I'll be busy elsewhere, so I don't plan on watching the game. But Johnny has spoken.

In his season post, he predicts the Seahawks will go 13-3 and win the NFC West. He also predicts that they will lose the NFC championship to Philadephia and just miss the Superbowl.

I'm down with that.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Two More Hits For Ichiro

Two more hits tonight against Boston. That makes it 28 hits in 23 games to tie the record. I really hope I'm counting correctly.

For anyone coming in late, the M's are absolutely awful this year. The only joy that Mariners have at all is the possibility that Ichiro might tie or break the record for hits in a season. The record is 257 hits by George Sisler of the St Louis Browns, set in 1920.

Passing Notes

I got passing notes in class once, back in grade school. The note said, "Please stop passing notes through me, I'm trying to pay attention!" The teacher was really amused.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Ichiro gets another hit...

Another game, another hit... while the M's continue to lose (despite at least 4 home runs). Let's see... that means he needs 30 hits in 24 games. Can he match the record? Can he beat it? It's the only joy M's fans have this year... let's keep watching.

Eric's testing, now

Let's see, will this work? Why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? Why is abbreviation such a long word?

Test Post

I can't get Bloggity to publish, so I'll check and see if it's just my regular blog, or if it's affecting this one, too.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Storm Warning

So Excite has a weather warning for the Seattle area. I just want to mention that it's bright, 70+ degrees, and simply beautiful out.


It gets better: "IT APPEARED THAT THE BEST CHANCE OF HEAVY RAIN WILL BE OVER THE OLYMPICS WHERE STRONG SOUTHWEST WINDS WILL HELP TO ENHANCE RAINFALL RATES OVER THE SOUTH AND WEST FACING SLOPES." Ok. The Olympics are west of Seattle and generally stop the really big storms. Sounds like this is one of those times.

Did this really justify a "severe weather alert"? That there is likely to be rain in Seattle?

Bad Driving

So I was going to complain about all the bad driving I saw on my commute today, but everyone mostly behaved. The worst thing I saw was a guy on a cell phone who was driving a wee bit too slowly, so everyone was going around him. Even then, he wasn't going that slow. How am I supposed to complain about bad driving when everyone actually drives correctly, huh?

Monday, September 06, 2004

Ichiro Watch

So Ichiro got two more hits tonight, bringing him up to 226. Remember, the record is 257. So he's got 31 more hits to match the record with 25 more games to go. No certainties here, but it would be a cool consolation for M's fans this year.

Comments Off

Thanks to a Rethuglican troll who jumped over from Bloggity to harass me here, I've turned off commenting for the most part. Yeah, I can still enable it for certain posts, or even turn it back on completely in some blessed day when partisan politics don't make idiots out of all of us. But for now commenting is gone.

Isn't it sad how people think they have some sort of right to "free speech" on somebody else's website? How did such a logical fallacy get started? I mean, they don't have the right to scribble their opinion in graffiti on the side of my house, why do they think they can do it on my blog? I allow comments, but not abuse!

Anyway, I've discovered what may be the sole advantage of Blogger comments over Haloscan. I can "turn off" commenting on a particular post without hiding the existing comments. Not that it's a big advantage, but it's an advantage.

Blogger Commenting

Ug. Still sucks. You get linked to a person's "profile" instead of their blog or something. People who don't belong to Blogger have to post anonymously. And it's a pain in the buttocks to format so it's readable. I wonder if I can use Haloscan on multiple blogs.

Ichiro's Pace....

Not that "pace" really means anything in baseball, but we've got Ichiro at 224 hits for the season with 26 games to go. The record is 257 hits by George Sisler of the St Louis Browns, set in 1920. So I'll be watching him.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Defrosting the Freezer

What a lovely activity for a mellow September day.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Entertaining Nannies

Educated Narcissists
Elevated Nuns
Exterminated Ninjas
Elated Navajos

Thursday, September 02, 2004



Energetic Nincompoops

Elastic New Yorkers
Egotistical Nerds
Erratic Nationalists
Ecclesiastical Nightwatchmen

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Comcast Fixed

Did I ever mention that the replacement of the modem seems to have fixed our internet connection? Well, now I have.

Blank Page

It's easy enough to think of blog entries when I'm nowhere near my computer. But when there is an open form in front of me to write a blog entry, there is suddenly not a thought in my head. Of course, there is often a lack of thoughts in my head...

The M's

I suppose I'd better try to muster up some excitement for the possibility that Ichiro might break a hitting record this year... but I find it pretty hard to summon that excitement when I'd rather see the Mariners have a winning record this year. Which isn't gonna happen.

Still, go Ichiro.

Still Secret Blog?

Still no indication that any of my regular Bloggity readers have found this blog.

Eclectic 'Netters

Powered by Flash: The Emerald Nuts website. If you haven't seen the ads, you can even check them out there on the site. So far we have: Earmuffed Negotiators, Eavesdropping Nebraskans, Eerie Namecallers, Egomanical Normans, Egyptian Navigators, Electromagnetic Navigators, Elegant Naysayers, Encouraging Norwegians, Enormous Neighbors, Entangled Nine Year Olds, Envious Nomads, Evil Navigators, Exercising Newscasters, Extinguished Novelists, and Extreme Nurses.

Eric and I have been coming up with more.
  • Elderly Nevadans
  • Existentialist Newlyweds
  • Estonian Noodlemakers

We came up with more, but I can't think of any more at the moment. I'll be sure to post more as I think of them.