Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The Mariners and the Times

So the newspaper says Ichiro is on pace for 261 now. Heh. In baseball, "pace" is meaningless. Of more interest is the fact that the Mariners have 11 more games and Ichiro needs 15 hits to break the record. Possible, but not a certainty by any stretch.

The Times has pretty much stopped reporting on the M's standings. It's too depressing. After all, 57-94 is a record like the early Mariners.

The M's cannot get their worst ever winning percentage (0.350 in 1978) but they could have the most losses in a season if they lost every remaining game. The Mariners have only had 100 or more losses in a season three times in their history, if they lose six more games they can make it four times. Even if they win every remaining game, this will be their worst season since 1992 (64-98, 0.395).