Monday, September 20, 2004

Ichiro Watch

According to the Times, Ichiro has fallen off the pace to beat the record. On the one hand, pace doesn't mean anything in baseball, on the other hand, I kinda wish he'd stayed up so breaking the record would be more likely.

In two ABs in tonight's game so far, he hasn't got a hit. And the Anaheim fans are booing him. Yeah, like he's a real threat to your standings all alone. I mean, good grief, the M's are 31 games behind. And Ichiro alone isn't going to bust your team, especially when you've got a one-nothing lead already.

Right after Ichiro grounded out, Winn got up and got hit by a pitch. Apparently Franklin hit a player, and the benches were warned, so the pitcher should have been tossed. Bad umping. If you are going to warn the benches, you'd better back it up. I've never understood the notion of warning the benches after one hit player. Shouldn't there be a pattern of abuse, first?