Sunday, September 26, 2004

Utterly Pointless Thoughts

The Seahawks won 34-0, which apparently broke a very long record of not being shut out on the part of the 49ers. Oops. That puts the Seahawks at 3-0, which means they will definitely have a better record this year than they did in 1976 and 1992... both seasons in which they only won two games. The Seahawks best ever record was 12-4 in 1984.

The Mariners need to win three more games of the last seven games left to play if they want to avoid having 100 losses. The M's have had over 100 losses in three seasons, the most recent being 102 losses in 1983. They also came close in 1992, with 98 losses. If the M's want to finish over .400 this season, they have to win five of the last seven games.

And, of course, Ichiro still needs to average a hit a game to break the record.

I suppose I ought to go check out the Sonics record too, while I'm at it, but I'm just not quite as interested in Basketball.