Monday, September 06, 2004

Comments Off

Thanks to a Rethuglican troll who jumped over from Bloggity to harass me here, I've turned off commenting for the most part. Yeah, I can still enable it for certain posts, or even turn it back on completely in some blessed day when partisan politics don't make idiots out of all of us. But for now commenting is gone.

Isn't it sad how people think they have some sort of right to "free speech" on somebody else's website? How did such a logical fallacy get started? I mean, they don't have the right to scribble their opinion in graffiti on the side of my house, why do they think they can do it on my blog? I allow comments, but not abuse!

Anyway, I've discovered what may be the sole advantage of Blogger comments over Haloscan. I can "turn off" commenting on a particular post without hiding the existing comments. Not that it's a big advantage, but it's an advantage.