Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Keeping Up To Date

On September 2nd, I put up a Kerry/Edwards sign in my front yard. Within two hours of putting up the sign, a pickup truck stopped outside my house and the male occupant yelled "Kerry is a f*****" and several other obscenities.

On Monday morning, the 13th of September, we noticed that the sign was gone.

Yesterday, the 14th of September and election day, we got a new sign and put it out.

When I arrived home this afternoon at about 5 pm, the sign was there. When my husband arrived home about 8:40, the Al O'Brien sign had been knocked down and the Kerry/Edwards sign was gone completely. I was really annoyed, so I called the police and filed a report. I was gratified to learn that the police take such thefts EXTREMELY seriously. They gave me a case number and instructed me to report if/when the replacement is stolen.