Sunday, September 26, 2004

Bloggers Sell Out

So there's a bunch of news on the blogosphere about bloggers selling out, and making a living off of blogging. I find that to be really amusing. I put some blogads up on my blog without mentioning them, just to see if they would get any clicks at all. So far? Nada. Nobody has clicked on any blogad on my page. While I kind of expected it, I guess I figured I would get at least one click in the time period.

A person like me cannot make money on blogging. I don't provide a service so much as a lot of opinions. Some irritating. Nobody would want to pay me for what I do. It's a hobby. A FRIGGIN' HOBBY.

So this whole concept that some bloggers ought to be making money, that they provide something more valuable than the media... I'll buy into it partway, but not so much that I believe anyone ought to be making a living at this. When you make a living off of your writing, you aren't a blogger anymore. You're a writer/journalist/web designer. You've moved beyond blogs to something else. Only time will define what that something else really is.