Monday, February 13, 2006

Pairs Skating

I don't particularly like skating when it's not a pure race, but I had the TV on and saw the most incredible thing.

A Chinese pair, Zhang D/Zhang H, less than a minute into their program the female skater went down HARD with what really looked like a horrible injury. She got up, and the guy had to help her skate to the coaches. It looked like they were done. But she didn't want to leave the ice, and after taking a few test moves, with a look of agony on her face every time she set her foot down, they continued the program from where she fell. She missed a couple of landings, barely. They missed out on unison at times. But oh man, the mere fact that she continued after that fall made her a crowd favorite, and a favorite of mine, too. She was crying at the end, but able to keep it nearly hidden. The crowd gave her a standing ovation.

As they waited for the judging, she got her left leg iced up. Then the scores were announced... despite the horrific fall, they won the Silver Medal.

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