Saturday, July 22, 2006

Washington State Delays Stupid Pharmacists Rule

According to the Seattle Times, the state Board of Pharmacy has decided to delay putting in place rules that would allow Pharmacists to force their religious beliefs on customers.

I've stated my opinion on this subject many times. If a pharmacist has a problem doing the job, they should find another career. Their job is not simple, but it's clear: they take the prescriptions of the customer, make sure such prescriptions won't conflict with other medications, and then fill those prescriptions.

We don't allow firefighters to refuse to respond to calls at houses or churches they don't like. We don't allow police to refuse to patrol neighborhoods with people of certain religions they don't like. Why should we allow women to be put at the mercy of some "pharmacist" who thinks that contraception is immoral? Will I be allowed the birth control pills that keep me from getting ovarian cancer? Or will some person who isn't my doctor be able to dictate how I die?

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