Friday, June 29, 2007

Various Links

It's bad enough that there are mercenaries in Iraq, supposedly working for the US, but now the mercenary company is suing the families of their dead employees to keep the families quiet about the crimes of the company. Sick sick sick.

Republican party chair wants more terrorist attacks.

Mika Brzezinski is so sick of the Paris Hilton nonsense that she refused to read the story on MSNBC, attempting to light the copy of the story on fire, then ripping it up, then shredding a second copy of the story. Here's a YouTube video of her actions. YAY!

Barack Obama's Mom went to Mercer Island High, and is a not-to-distant relation to me. Very interesting.

The drug war is insane and messed up and needs to stop. Mistaken raids happen too often.

CNN fact-checks Sicko.

Olbermann on the Nexus of Politics and Terror.

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