Thursday, July 12, 2007

More Outrage

Once again, Republicans prove they hate the troops by not allowing them sufficient time to rest between deployments.

Along the same lines, the military is so stressed that it's trying to send a RESERVIST on his fifth deployment.

Weekly Summary of Iraqi Blogs: Early June, Mid June. Late June/Early July. If you want a summary without reading all the Iraqi blogs, bookmark Asterism.

Here's an odd one... the International Boundary Commission (IBC) was created to oversee the boundary between the US and Canada, and when the commissioner, Dennis Schornack, asked for help from the US government to deal with an illegal wall built on the US side of the border, various agencies refused to assist, as the IBC is outside the US government. Now Bush has attempted to fire the commissioner, who responded that Bush has no authority over him because according to the 1908 treaty that created the IBC, a vacancy can only be created by "the death, resignation or other disability" of a commissioner. The response by Schornack to Bush is knee-slappingly funny:
"I am unable to recognize the authority of this communication because I don't believe that you would knowingly act beyond your authority, outside the law or to otherwise jeopardize the national security of the United States," Schornack wrote.

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