Monday, October 01, 2007


Rush Limbaugh's Phony Soldiers.

Wife of Health Care Victim responds to a hit piece which insults her, and her dead husband.

Speaking of health care, Bush continues to hate children and plans to veto attempts to get more children health care coverage.

The Salvation Army hates women. But then, I've known for a long time that the Salvation Army sucks.

A student is punished for posting an insult about school administrators on her blog. She posted it outside of school, but the administration argues that because the website can be seen on school computers, it's the same as if she'd yelled it in the hallway. Unfortunately, a judge actually was stupid enough to agree with the administration. Ug.

Music professor denied entry to the United States, and the State Department won't tell her why. This story is just disgusting, as well. Will we have any rights left after this government is through?

US Soldiers in Iraq denied freedom of religion.

Rush Limbaugh is actually the first one to make the Betray Us wordplay. But it's always ok when neocons do it. Then again, maybe everyone just excuses Rush because he's so addled by his drug addictions.

And again, if liberals had rewritten the lyrics to "God Bless America" to condemn the country, every single news outlet would be screaming for blood. But it's always ok when radical ultra-Christians do it.

Lawbloggers and the Jena Six.

Republican politician is well-versed on how evil liberals are for daring to exercise their first amendment rights to criticize a general, but she didn't even know the name of the last soldier from her district to die in Iraq.

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