Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rants for Tuesday

Waterboarding is torture. Only a traitor to the United States would veto banning it. The traitor in the Whitehouse doesn't dare ban it, lest we put him in prison where he belongs for the rest of his miserable life. Every day that Bush is president drags our country deeper into the mud of his illegal and immoral activities. We should have impeached him five years ago.

Washington State has good government.

New Seven Deadly Sins. I'll note that 5-7 damns most of the Republican party. Of course, 1 and 3 damn a good number of Democrats, so it balances.

TSA Endangers Child. The TSA is a joke, and an annoying and dangerous one at that.

Go Norway! I've never been prouder of the name I married into.

For once, the voters win against the Parties.