Friday, October 02, 2009

Olympics Cheers and Jeers

Ok, I admit I was rooting for Rio to win the Olympic games, mostly because South America has never had the Olympics before. But I would not have been upset if Chicago had gotten the Games. So when I learned that Chicago was out of the running I was a little disappointed, but when Rio won the bid I was happy.

What I don't understand is these morons on the political right who literally cheered when Chicago lost. Why do they hate America so much?

Oh, I know they think they are cheering because they tie the Olympics in with Obama, despite the fact that every other head of state from the countries with a bid also showed up, but they are still CHEERING AGAINST AMERICA. And Obama had very little to do with the bid. It was started during the Bush administration, with his blessings. So they are also cheering against Bush. I just don't understand these people. Seriously, why do they hate their own country so much?