Thursday, July 15, 2010

If You Have a Mexican-Sounding Name...

Racist scumbags in Utah try to start a witch hunt, and include legal citizens on their list. The list itself is a criminal act, as it includes private information, including social security numbers and health information protected under HIPAA.

Interestingly, Obama's policy has been to target employers who hire illegal immigrants, and it's been disturbingly successful.

But racists just want to get rid of the brown people with Mexican-sounding names, not actually solve the problem. And if they accidentally ruin the lives of a few legal brown people, well, they don't care!

You can tell these are scumbag cowards because they didn't sign their illegal and immoral list. Hopefully these criminals will be caught. I'd be inclined to punish them by exile them permanently from the land of the free. I'd rather have an illegal immigrant living next door than a racist scumbag coward.