Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Keeping Busy

Got a lot more accomplished today than yesterday. Yesterday was lazy lazy day, today I've had the fun of doing the dishes, working on my resume and on Eric's, taking some photos with the digital camera, going to the library, filling out a rebate form (for $50, I sure hope it goes through!), and finally exercising.

As I mentioned before, I've had good luck exercising to TV shows off DVD or video. I've actually gotten ahead of my posted reviews. I meant to post my reviews as soon as I wrote them, but I'm still posting reviews I wrote some time ago (Angel) and I've already watched the first season of Buffy and just started in on the first season of Farscape! Oh well, I can't complain. It's useful to have extra blogs pre-written and ready to post for the days I'm not energetic enough to write something good.

I do try to write something new every day, though. Don't get me wrong. The blog is my writing exercise. I'm trying to improve my communication skills by practicing writing every day. I like to think that I've improved from being a lousy reviewer to a not-too-lousy but still pretty bad reviewer.

In addition to working on my resume, I also need to write a letter describing my abilities for this particular job (a library assistant job at an elementary school). I have some small doubts in myself, but when I reread the requirements I feel I do fit them well, and I could do the job. Once I have my resume fixed up, I also hope to apply for a library page job in the King County Library System. I don't have a lot of confidence of getting a job, but it would be nice to get either one so I can get myself some good experience.

I've been watching the Olympics today again. I saw some swimming, some kayaking and canoeing, a bit of a basketball game that the Greeks kept from being boring by keeping it nice and close, a bit of a soccer game... last night I saw team handball for the first time. That's a cool game.

I'm hoping to see the Iraq/Morroco match, but I'm not sure if anyone plans on airing it... (me starts poking around the web)... It's actually been rather difficult to figure out when things start here when I look at the official site. And NBC's site is a wee bit overcrowded and confusing. Lucky for me, the CBC has a nice searchable table for sports so I've found out that the match isn't until tomorrow morning... with a bit of work on the NBC site, I see that MSNBC is showing the game live starting about 10 am here. It'll be on.

By the way, if you're curious as to who has won the medals, there's a medal table by country on the official site, and if you click on the abbreviation of the country's name, you can see what events the medals were won in.

When I watched the floor exercise in gymnastics, I found myself wondering about some of the events that are considered sports. While I don't doubt at all that gymnasts are athletes, I do tend to wonder why/how it can be a competitive sport when so much about judging it seems subjective to me. Eric admitted that he feels like sports in which the judging is mostly subjective probably shouldn't be in the Olympics, but then they are the same sports that tend to draw the largest crowds. Like ice skating in the winter Olympics.

At least with so many channels showing the Olympics that we can get on our system, I've had a good variety of sports to watch and usually a choice of what to watch, as well.

Oh well. Time to get back to the resume and cover letter. Perhaps I can make some progress on it today.