Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Recuperation Walk Reports

Well, I've been fairly sick, and I'm recovering nicely now. Nicely enough that I've taken a couple of shorter walks which I'm referring to as "recuperation walks".

The first was on Sunday afternoon, just at dusk. I worked at the shop for a few hours then walked over to the pug house of horrors from there. It was about a mile and a half, if I read the odometer in my car (a few days before the walk) correctly. In any case, it wasn't a tough walk at all, and I arrived at the pug house invigorated if tired. It was a little too dark for me to get any good pictures, though I considered attempting to take some shots of Christmas displays. Maybe next time.

After resting yesterday (except for work) I walked down to the library with Eric today. There was a book I really want to read a story from, so the motivation was there. Again, it was a short walk compared to what I need to be doing, but it wasn't hard and the rain was actually quite refreshing to walk in.

I did stop for a moment to snap a picture of this sign on a grocery store on the way. I couldn't help but grin at the nice little editorial on the sign:

And I thought I was paranoid.

In other news, I got another donation! Thank you Robin and Arlene! The contribution is much appreciated. It also put me up over $100, which makes the goal seem possible suddenly. If you want to contribute, click on the Logo:

To finish up my report, let me tell you that the socks are working really well. In fact, I'm going to go so far as to say that if you have a job in which you have to stand a lot, you ought to get yourself a pair and try them out. I got them from The Sock Company, who as you may recall from previous blog entries were extremely good at getting back to me when I had a problem with my order. The brand is WrightSock, and they seem to work as advertised, although I'll be putting them to a much bigger test over the next few months.