Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Training Walk Report #10

Another day off, thus another day to walk. My walking partner was supposed to come at 11 am, but fortunately she was delayed until 1 pm. Fortunately, because during that delay it stopped pouring down rain and the big yellow glowing cloud came out and started drying things up. I forgot to wear my pedometer, but we did the other half of the Town-Gown loop, which came in at just under 2 miles when Eric and I did it last month. I took a picture of the boulder near the Post Office this time:

The plaque reads: In 1902 a notorious killer named Harry Tracy shot his way out of an Oregon prison and high-tailed it into Washinton. A posse caught up with him near the present-day location of the Wayne Golf Course. In the ensuing gun battle Tracy killed deputy Charles Raymond and wounded deputies Karl Anderson and Jack Williams before jumping off a cliff and escaping into the under brush below. Tracy's trail of terror ended two months later in Eastern Washington when, surrounded in a wheat field with no way out, he took his own life.

My walking partner enjoys local history and had a good time reading all the boulders. We also walked through the campus of Cascadia/UW Bothell and visited the bookstore. The campus was very pleasant to walk through, even if it was dripping wet from the earlier downpours.

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