Friday, August 26, 2005

Another Sleepless Night

The nausea started up first thing th- er, yesterday morning. I'd had less than four hours sleep when it woke me. I took some medicine and, as usual, it put me out for a few hours. I think people called me on the phone and talked to me during that time. I'm not sure. When I finally woke up again, I got myself some breakfast, did some blog reading, and waited. Annoyingly enough, the nausea started again. I took some more medicine and fell asleep until the evening.

During the second period of sleep I experienced some sleep paralysis, including an extremely vivid dream involving a person going into the wellhouse out back that we recently made accessible. I was awake enough to recognize that it couldn't be happening, but I couldn't move to get myself up and check. I wanted to check. It was one of those cases where you feel like you absolutely must get up. But I couldn't move. It took me what seemed like an eternity of panic before I realized that it had to be sleep paralysis and managed to doze off again. When I next woke, I was able to move and the first thing I did was run out and check the wellhouse. Yeah, it was just a dream. There was even a spiderweb across the door. Nobody went in there while I was sleeping.

I think I could write a decent horror story based on the dream about the wellhouse I had. But if I do it, I'd need to do it soon. The dream has already faded into tatters and will be gone by tomorrow. I'm not really inclined to write about it. It was, however, the kind of dream that some people would say had "meaning" if they experienced it. To me it was just another side-effect of the anti-nausea stuff.

Ah well. Eric just mumbled something in his sleep. He's not nearly as talkative tonight as he was yesterday. Yesterday he was actually singing in his sleep.

I should go to bed and at least try to get to sleep. I have my doubts that it will come. I'm feeling slightly dizzy and nauseated, so maybe I should take some more medicine. I'm just afraid of the dreams that might come if I do.

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