Friday, August 26, 2005

The Wellhouse

I'm sure all of you were dying to see what was in the wellhouse out in our backyard. Well, I finally took some pictures. Here 'tis.

Here's the wellhouse itself. It's close to the house, and has been pretty much covered in ivy and blackberry vines since we moved in.

Looking inside the door, the first thing you see is the refrigerator... and yes, it's definitely a very old refrigerator. The hole at the base of it is the well itself. Around the corner to the right is the pump. None of my pictures of the pump came out.

The "floor" of the wellhouse. It's actually not quite as bad as it looks. Although I wouldn't trust an adult's weight on it, the boards aren't too bad. But it's still entirely too dangerous to leave open like it is.

Here's a view down the well itself. It's really hard to judge the distance, but it doesn't look too far. It's also nice and wide, so if somebody did go down it there's room for rope/ladder/rescuer.

We'll have to either nail it shut again, or maybe cover the floor a little better, soon. It's a nice size, and I wouldn't mind cleaning it out, putting a more solid floor down, and using it as a shed. The base is very nicely made with lots of brick and stone. And I have to wonder if anyone out there would have any interest in a well pump or the old refrigerator. Anybody ever heard of a well pump collector?

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