Friday, October 28, 2005

A Day of Mourning

This is a very sad day in American history. A top official in the government has been indicted for an act that falls just short of treason, legally (though I firmly believe it is treason). This official either leaked or confirmed the leak of a CIA agent's identity, thus endangering her and ANY OTHER AGENT SHE WORKED WITH, as well as any agent who ever worked for the dummy CIA company that she worked for.

Why did the official commit this criminal act?

While we may never know for sure, the evidence points to this outing as being an act of petty revenge against the agent's husband for daring to expose the lies about WMD that led up to the war in Iraq. In short, at least one top government official put CIA agents around the world in danger to hide lies about Iraq.

The case for the Iraq war was built on lies. The war itself was poorly executed and has made the world a much more dangerous place, and emboldened terrorists all over. Because of the Iraq war, resources that were desperately needed in Afghanistan were pulled, and the terrorist leadership responsible for 9/11 escaped unpunished.

The officials in the American government who were involved in creating the lies that led to the Iraq war are traitors. They should all be taken to Gitmo and left to rot for the rest of their lives under the conditions that THEY think are appropriate for terrorists - because they helped the terrorists far more than any other people in the world, they deserve the same punishment.

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