Monday, October 10, 2005

Mighty Machete Missionaries

I wasn't sure whether or not to expect them, what with the rain coming down. But they came, four of them again, and competed with each other climbing the trees to finish taking down branches. Two of the guys were different from last week, I think, and listened to the first two guys stories about last week's antics.

While two of them climbed trees and cut branches, the other two started to work on the piles of leftover wood from last week. They cut a lot of the wood into firewood for future use. If we get our woodburning stove checked out and solve the backdraft problem, we'll have a LOT of wood to burn.

As with last week, I made them cookies and put out some water. I offered hot cocoa, but they were managing to work up a sweat despite the rain and declined. One of them kept saying how drained he was after hanging from a branch for a minute while the others scrambled to put the ladder underneath him.

When they left, the front yard was pretty much full of branches, which they've promised to come and cut up next week. I hope so, as the mess is going to be a problem. They've blocked off the usual routes down to the mailbox.

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