Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Voter Challenges

After the disgusting display of thuggery by the Republican party in challenging voters less than a week before the election, a new bill has been written and passed through both houses in Washington State that make it impossible for the thugs to pull that garbage again.

SB 6362 is due to be signed into law very soon, and redefines both the residency requirements and the process for challenging voters registration. In short, it allows for "non-traditional" residences as long as the place is defined clearly enough to determine where the voter should be voting, and it restricts when a challenge can be issued to a voter's registration (forty-five days before an election for most registrations) and where the information for a challenge can come from (no hastily compiled databases put together by anonymous republican thugs).

I still think that scummy woman who issued the challenges should be charged with perjury for each lie she told (she had NO personal knowledge of any of the voters, and the law REQUIRED personal knowledge, so she committed perjury in each and every case), and thrown in jail to serve out time for her attempts to take away the rights of her fellow citizens. And, as an added bonus, I think her voting rights should be stripped from her forever in this state. But at least the rethuglicans can't try this dirty trick again.

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