Friday, March 17, 2006

What He Says

Read Mark Evanier.

The President of the United States ALREADY HAS THE POWER TO SPY LEGALLY ON SUSPECTED TERRORISTS. He has had this power for a LONG TIME. The only requirement is that within a few days of the eavesdropping, his minions need to get the spying approved by a secret court that rarely denies any request.

Bush has refused to get his eavesdropping approved by the secret court. He has ILLEGALLY spied on people. And, because he won't even get his spying approved by the rubber-stamping court that is there to protect the people of the United States from abuse of this power by the president, we have every reason to believe that HIS SPYING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FIGHTING TERRORISM. Bush has broken the law, and FLAUNTED it. He is PROUD to spit on the Constitution. And now he wants Congress to approve of him ripping up the Fourth Amendment.

Is he insane, or are we a nation full of cowards who would give up all our rights for the illusion of safety?

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