Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Joking about It...

Mark Evanier (I've been linking to him a lot, lately, haven't I?) points out a good article about the flap over Stephen Colbert's biting performance with the President watching. Yeah, it might have been insulting to Dear Leader, but it wasn't NEARLY as insulting as Dear Leader's jokes about not finding WMDs at the 2004 version of the event. Greg Mitchell has the goods.

Funny. We never found WMDs in Iraq. The weapons inspectors said they weren't there, but Shrubya ignored them. The CIA said they weren't there, so Shrubya fabricated evidence. Colin Powell has even apologized for lying about the WMDs in Iraq. But there are still a number of morons out there who geniunely believe that we've found WMD in Iraq. WE HAVEN'T. There weren't any there. Iraq was no threat to us. How can ANYONE be stupid enough to still believe that we found any, when we've found NOTHING?

It's funny how the corporate media isn't covering this story more widely. The President of the United States of America LIED OUTRIGHT to start a war. This should be front page news, every day until the man is impeached and put in prison.

In addition, Halliburton is being paid millions, if not billions, of dollars to supply tainted drinking water and expensive fuel to the military. Halliburton, who the Vice President still has ties with. Somebody tell me how that isn't illegal and immoral war profiteering, and tell me why the VP isn't also impeached and in prison for it? And why isn't it on the front page of every newspaper, and the top story of every news broadcast?

The facts are out there, and they aren't hard to find. Anyone stupid enough to still believe the lies about the Iraq war... well, if you still believe that Iraq had WMDs, you're either too ignorant for me to understand or too stupid for me to respect.

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