Thursday, May 11, 2006

Not Reading Political Blogs...

...trying to lower my stress levels, since I've busted my outrage-o-meter several times just this month. But it was impossible to miss the news that the NSA is now creating a database of everybody's phone calls (including YOURS!) to find out which Americans are terrorists or some stupid plan like that which will never work because the current Administration couldn't find their own noses given precise directions, much less anything important to American citizens. The only company that refused to give in to the NSA's illegal order to turn over phone records was Qwest, which just went way up in my estimation. To the point that I'm seriously considering dropping Verizon when my contract runs out. I don't appreciate my phone company violating the fourth amendment at the request of an organization that has been deliberately spitting on the constitution for years now.

Will we ever get our civil rights back, or have we given them up forever for this utterly false sense of security?

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