Sunday, April 29, 2007


Disgusted Beyond Belief: My Views on Abortion. The point of view from a man who had to make the ultimate choice.

My own point of view: I'm opposed to abortion, particularly abortion as birth control, but I recognize that laws against it led to more death and horror. We tried it, it didn't work. I also recognize that not all women feel the way I do about it, and I don't believe it is moral to remove the choice from them. Which puts me in the pro-choice camp, although I'm definitely not anti-life. But then, I recognize that the issue has shades of grey, although many people seem to see it in stark black and white. Thus the stupid labels.

And a question: If you were in a burning building and could save only one: a two-year-old child, or a case of viable embryos, which would you save? It's a dumb question, but people who claim abortion is murder would be committing mass murder by their own definition if they saved the child.

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