Monday, May 28, 2007

Memorial Day

Hard to be patriotic when your country is involved in an illegal and immoral occupation and your president continues to recklessly waste the sacrifices of our military.

It's hard to mourn the dead when you feel a deep sense of shame that their lives were taken in an unjust war by civilian leadership that never faced the dangers themselves - and only care about making more profits for their companies.

Indeed, it's hard to be anything but incredibly bitter on this Memorial Day, when our rights are being stolen by war profiteers holding the highest offices in the land and our soldiers are being wasted by a spineless Congress that was voted into office to stop the war but instead backed down when the traitor in the office of the president threw a temper tantrum and the media slavered at the prospect of misinforming the public yet again about what "defunding" actually means.

May the ghosts of all our war dead haunt the people who claim to be leaders of this land, and may the nightmares of every soldier visit those cowardly leaders until the day of their deaths. None of those so-called leaders are even fit to shine the shoes of our soldiers in uniform.

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