Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Political and Other Links

Too many innocents are being killed by the death penalty. No more.

New bio-fuel plant? Maybe.

Riverbend on leaving Iraq

Goldy is banned in China, apparently for exposing just how much poison China puts into food exports that we end up eating.

Terror On Wall Street: 16 September 1920.

An attempt to protect the secret ballot in Washington State. Yay. It should never have been threatened.

How to NOT teach math to girls.

War Profiteers to Clinch 30-Year Deals. War Profiteers started the Iraq war with the help of traitor George Bush and his cabinet of liars. I think all war profiteers should be put in prison on bread & water diets for the rest of their miserable lives. If I still believed in the death penalty, I'd say they all should hang for murdering US soldiers. Actually, I might be able to make an exception in my opposition to the death penalty for war profiteers. But I somehow doubt we'll ever even get to see them charged for their crimes. Too many gullible republicans believe every lie Rush and Bill-o tell them.

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