Wednesday, December 19, 2007

More Rantles

Garrett points out Bush's priorities. That's right, for Bush, corporations are far more important than American lives.

Olbermann explains himself to Bill Moyers. Olbermann is the only actual journalist on TV right now. The rest are parrots and propagandists.

Amen, Wil: Thank You, Chris Dodd.

Mmmmm, peach, mint. Vanished into a media black hole.

First-person account of CIA torture survivor. True Americans do not torture. It's a short trip from fighting evil to becoming evil by using evil's tools. Anyone who uses or condones torture is evil.

The War on Science described in book form.

Man from Pakistan could've brought the bird flu to New York before anyone knew about it. Talk about a close call. When the pandemic hits, it will be spread like this, by unsuspecting victims.

Are we in a recession?

Will we be seeing Bush-villes next year? Hopefully it'll only be a recession, not a full-blown economic depression.

A local politician tested toys for lead, and 10 percent of them were unsafe. Nice. Let's just poison the next generation, hey?

I'm disturbed by my own response to Washington State's Katrina, as many of those affected always vote against helping their neighbors. Still, if I had anything to give, I'd give.