Sunday, December 02, 2007

Ranting Again

Situation for Christians in Iraq worse than it's ever been in 2000 years of history. Heckuva job, Bush!

Discovery Institute: Liars and Thieves. Stealing a scientific video and redubbing it to promote Creationism... oh, excuse me, Intelligent Design. Plagiarism is apparently ok if you are promoting your religion over science.

Neocon twits extol the stem cell discovery as if Bush's primitive stance on the study of stem cells actually helped it along instead of delayed it for half a decade. Twits. Brainless anti-science scumbags. Any person who dies in the four years before a cure is discovered for their condition thanks to stem cell discoveries leaves their blood on the hands of Bush and his like-minded cavemen. Yes, I'm saying those future deaths are Bush's fault. Because if he hadn't forced a stop to most stem cell research in the United States, this discovery would have been made years sooner.

Just for reference: How King County Does Mail Ballot Processing.

Is this the start? Let's hope not. I don't think we're ready for a pandemic.

I found this article on how ridiculous conservatism is to be interesting.