Saturday, August 30, 2008

Governor Palin: Inexperienced and Corrupt

Via Evergreen Politics.

Also, Washblog has more on Palin, including this bit:
Governor Palin’s sister and her very nasty divorce.

She married an Alaska Trooper, Mike Wooten, and after they split up she and the family filed 25 separate complaints against him over a 10 month period. According to Halcro, 24 of the 25 were dismissed.

The 25th?

Wooten has acknowledged illegally killing a moose in 2003...which the Governor’s father butchered...after which the meat was shared with the rest of the family...including the not-yet-Governor and her husband.
So, she eats illegal moose meat, then helps her sister file a complaint against the person who killed the moose? That really must have been one nasty divorce.

And The Bradblog points out that Rove himself declared a more experienced governor unfit to be Obama's Vice President running mate. So Rove must hate Palin.