Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Health Care

So, you can have:

a) A footsoldier of a greedy corporation that benefits if it can deny you coverage for your health care.


b) An apathetic government bureaucrat who isn't actively trying to kill you but has little motivation to get you well.


c) A choice between the two.

I choose b or c, because that way I'm less likely to end up with someone who gets bonuses if I don't get the coverage I need. I'm 100% for a single-payer system, aka "The Public Option". Frankly, at this point I'd even rather have "socialized medicine" (which is NOT what single-payer is) than the current for-profit insurance companies that are vying harder and harder to kill their customers for the short-term profit. The current system only works if you are already healthy. If you are sick or will get sick in the future, the system is broken and the companies benefit from your suffering, not your cure.