Friday, June 19, 2009


So... tasers can be fatal. In fact, they have resulted in enough deaths that many police have been told not to use them unless they would be willing to use their regular gun in the same situation.

So how exactly is this situation one in which the use of a taser is justified? The officer was bigger and stronger than the 72-year-old. Did he need to pull his gun to control the situation? She deserved to be arrested, maybe. To be tasered? NO WAY.

This officer deserves demotion, retraining, and a few years of the worst jobs possible until he proves his judgement has improved. At the very least. Had the woman died, he should have been charged with murder, so maybe some jail time for assault and loss of his job would be appropriate.

The wanton abuse of tasers needs to be stopped. Tasers are NOT "stun guns". They often kill. Cops should have as much paperwork for pulling a taser as for pulling a gun, and every single use of a taser should require detailed justification and an explanation from the officer of when he lost control of the situation so badly to require the use of potentially deadly force.