Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Canadian Olympic Commercials

There's a good one from Bell that starts with a guy in an office standing up and putting his arms over his head. Then you see some kids do the same thing. Then a couple talking in a park. Then two guys sitting in a diner. Then a bunch of people on the street, until you realize that they are doing "the wave". The shot goes to a stadium, where you see the tagline: "For 17 days in August, we are all connected."

Another cool add talks about the 1948 Canadian Hockey team, which apparently had to be scraped together at the last minute, then were sent to the games with sponsorship by the Royal Bank. All very cool, and the ad is nicely put together.

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Eric said...

One of my faves is the one for Bell's service that lets you pause live TV. All of those athletes hanging around, waiting to start again, is amusing enough, especially the boxers playing cards -- witht their gloves on. But what really sells that one is the weightlifter flirting with the female judge, and her delightfully coy reaction to the attention.