Monday, August 16, 2004


Today... today I got bored and decided to create a second blog. My "real" blog is here. This one is for things I wouldn't put on my regular blog for whatever reason. I also intend this blog to be really freakin' boring, so unless you're up for some boring writing exercises, I don't recommend you read this thing.

By the way, my regular blog has posting rules. This one doesn't. No limits, no requirements. Just pure writing nonsense.

Anyway, I'm watching the Olympics on Bravo because the other NBC channels aren't showing them and the CBC is showing stuff I already watched, mostly synchronized platform diving (who the heck came up with that?). Too bad Bravo is showing Tennis, which I'm not really interested in at all. I'm enjoying the CBC's coverage so far, but their commercials aren't as good as some have been in the past.

The best ever Olympic commercial was on the CBC a couple of Olympics back, and made me teary-eyed every time I saw it. It concerned an event in the 1988 Seoul Olympics, during the sailing events, when Joseph Chan from Singapore was injured when his boat in the 470 class was capsized. As he struggled in the water, a Canadian sailor in the Finn event, Lawrence Lemieux, spotted him and left his race to help. Chan was so exhausted he couldn't even get into Lemieux's boat without help. Lemieux won no medals, but he saved a life.

Of course, if you want really cool Olympic stories like that, you need to by David Wallechinsky's books. Here's a friendly link to the books on Amazon: The Complete Book of the Summer Olympics 2004 edition and The Complete Book of the Winter Olympics 2002 edition.

Let's see. Accomplishments today:

Sorted out the mortgage insurance mess with help from an incredibly competent and wonderful agent at AAA. Thank gooness for Kevin. I hope he gets a raise.

Did dishes and laundry. Oops. (sounds of scrambling) Ok, now I've done laundry. I forgot to put the clothes into the dryer.

Exercised for nearly 30 minutes. Watching TV shows while exercising seems to be the way to go, especially shows that are on DVD or off bt so they don't have commercials.

Hmmm. Those aren't much by way of accomplishments. I think I need to work on my daily efforts.


Tegan said...

Testing testing. Blogspot comments still suck?

Tegan said...

Yup. They still suck. This will take a lot of work to make it look halfway decent. I need a longer comment to work with, though, so here I'm writing for no good reason.

I don't like leaving comments on Blogger because, at the moment, it only sends users to my profile, not to my blog or some other site of my choice. People who comment also have to belong to Blogger or post as "Anonymous". It's a very poor system. I hope they are planning on improving this someday.