Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Mostly Positive Hurricane Thoughts

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Jeff Parker is selling off artwork to help victims of Katrina. More info here.

Tom Spurgeon has a roundup of support projects. Be sure to check out Warren Craghead's offer.

Johnny B has a link to The Webcomic Hurricane Relief Telethon.

Harry Potter fans are ganging up to help the victims of Katrina.

John Ford reminds us of the symptoms of stress, symptoms which may mean we've been following the disaster too closely.

Here's a brilliant idea to help victims of Katrina: virtualize all the nonworking phone numbers in the stricken area. That way people can claim their numbers, set up voice mail, and be able to tell others they are all right.

Russell Shaw has another proposal on how to help victims of Hurricane Katrina recover from what is likely to be crushing debt.

A group of kids get together and raise $1710 to help victims of Katrina.

Three students from Duke University mounted a rescue operation of their own. Amazing. Simply incredible.

Geeks help re-establish communications.

Anne Rice on what it means to lose New Orleans (NY Times, Reg may be required). Via Kos.

The amazing story of Deamonte Love, age 6, and the children he protected. Via TalkLeft.

Stephen Fry on the smell of disaster.

Another list of charities. Also, check out Charity Navigator before you give to be sure your money is going to someone who will help.

Firstbook is donating books to children in the devastated areas. If you donate $5, they'll thrown in another book on top of it. Via bookslut.

Give to Operation USAGive to The Red Cross

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