Monday, September 26, 2005

Wishing Well

So, just in case the well in our backyard is a wishing well, I tossed a penny in and wished that the yellowjackets would go away by next week.

I wanted to wish for world peace, but you'd have to have a really powerful wishing well for that, and this one... well, it's only ten feet deep. I'm not sure it's got that kind of power. And then I thought of wishing for all the folks who lost their homes in the hurricanes to get back on their feet quickly... but again, this is just a backyard well. I'm not sure how much good a wish like that would do. Then I thought I ought to wish for something for Eric and I, but all the wishes I came up with seemed too greedy (like wanting the mortgage to be paid off). So I decided to wish for something that would benefit the mighty missionaries in the incredibly unlikely event that it worked.

The penny made an interesting *plop* sound when it hit the bottom.

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