Thursday, December 08, 2005

Statements on the War

A US Army major on the war: "Well, I think here, lately, the... it's going a lot better; I think we're beginning to win the people over; our operations are going better."

The US President on the war: "In some phases the military program has been quite successful. There is great difficulty, however, in fighting a guerrilla war... we don't see the end of the tunnel; but, I must say, I don't think it's darker than it was a year ago -- in some ways, lighter."

A US General on the war: "We are here to emphasize that the United States will maintain its interest and its presence in your country. There is no question whatsoever of our abandoning that interest. We'll stay for as long as it takes."

The Vice President on the war: "And may I say that despite public opinion polls -- none of which may I say have ever been friendly toward a nation's commitment in battle -- despite criticism, despite understandable impatience, we mean to stick it out, until aggression is turned back and until a just and honorable peace can be achieved, until the job is done. That is the policy of the President of the United States, the Vice President of the United States and the Congress of the United States. So let people understand that."

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