Thursday, December 01, 2005

Weather or Not...

It's snowing. Half-hearted flakes coming down as if they are uncertain. Just enough to see, but so little that it's utterly unimpressive. I suspect it will turn into rain soon enough.

Update: half an hour later it's really coming down. It looks like a real snowfall. I'm enjoying the view. It's not yet sticking to the grass, much less the roads.

Update: Noon, and the snow is beginning to just stick to the front lawn. The temperature has dropped since I last went out, too, it's noticable. No sign that the streets are going to get covered. I hope it doesn't get any worse than this.

Update: About 1:20pm, the snow is sticking to everything except the road, and is coming down very prettily. I went out to get the mail and slid down the lawn, barely keeping on my feet. The mailman was still at our box and when I looked up after making it to the street still on my feet, his mouth was open in surprise. Going back to the house, I went up the relatively safe driveway instead of risking the lawn again.

Update: 2pm, it's sticking to the roads now, and has shown no sign of letting up so far. The weather dude on NWCN keeps saying it's only raining up here... hmmm. The road outside our house is covered in a thin layer of snow, and I'm worried about what will happen when Eric tries to come home over Nike hill, the biggest hill in Bothell. Today it one of those days when it's better to just use the freeway and deal with getting in the middle of the traffic.

For the heckuvit, I downloaded WinSnow and put it on my desktop. There's also Mac and Linux versions, if you feel like having a little snow on your computer. The snow works just fine, if a bit slowly, without registering.

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