Friday, March 02, 2007


Olbermann on Gore's energy usage. Note that the conservative group that called attention to Gore's energy bills compared his home to a normal home, even though Gore's offices are there... in short, his house is also his workplace, but his critics couldn't seem to be bothered to mention that little fact. Nor do they mention all the renovations he's made and is continuing to make to become more carbon neutral. But then, conservative think tanks aren't known for their brains, just their bile.

Miami police don't like photographers. And, while I don't blame them being annoyed that they are having their pictures taken, abusing their power to arrest the guy is out of line.

Unqualified Offerings has some opinions on the Walter Reed scandal. The neo-cons do NOT believe in taking care of our troops, even though they are perfectly happy taking our troops into an illegal and immoral war and ignoring the REAL war on terror.

Washblog updates us on the firing of U.S. Attorneys by the neo-con leadership that's trying to put sympathetic scumbags into the courts instead of actual judges and people interested in justice. Now the neo-cons are lying about why they fired the judges, and slandering them in the process.

And Will has a good opinion on the whole subject of gay marriage. If it doesn't affect you, WHY DO YOU CARE?

John Edwards attacked in Second Life. Thats the danger of joining a chaotic virtual world.

And finally, a great little tale from a soldier.

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