Monday, March 05, 2007

Political Linkdump

Garrett wants us to remember what a jury REALLY is. As a juror, you have the right to judge both the criminal AND the law. It's called Jury Nullification, and judges don't want you to know about it.
You must know your rights! Because, once selected for jury duty, nobody will inform you of your power to judge both law and fact. In fact, the judge's instructions to the jury may be to the contrary. Another quote from US vs Dougherty (cited earlier): "The fact that there is widespread existence of the jury's prerogative, and approval of its existence as a necessary counter to case-hardened judges and arbitrary prosecutors, does not establish as an imperative that the jury must be informed by the judge of that power".
Confessions of an Army Torturer.

Reading Scriptures leads to Violence.

9-year-old Canadian Terrorist detained by the US.

U.S. attorneys fired, ethics rules violated. In other words, business as usual for the neo-cons.

IRAQ 101, for everyone who doesn't understand Iraq and what we've done by invading it.

Talking Points Memo on the language and reality of conservatives.

Sen James Inhofe is apparently proud to be called a Holocaust denier.

Diebold may dump e-voting unit because it's tarnished their reputation. Well, duh. Creating easily hackable voting machines with no paper trail would tarnish any company's reputation.

Heh, Funny ad.

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