Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Once more for the slow kids: Replacing U.S. Attorneys is normal at the beginning of a President's term. It's absolutely unheard of to do so in such numbers halfway through your second term in office.

Clinton didn't do it, nor did Reagan.

And thanks to the so-called "Patriot Act", the replacements for the fired U.S. Attorneys are being allowed in without Congressional hearings, also unheard of.

What's worse then firing a U.S. Attorney then lying about the reason? Replacing the fired guy with a criminal.

Walter Reed continues to scandal, with Boing Boing reporting about a vet blogging from the hospital. Can't tell if it's real or not.

Speaking of real or not, The Questionable Authority has been digging into some recent stories, and found one to be complete lies (thank goodness!) and isn't sure about the other. Although he admits that it hardly matters if the second one is true, because our military is stretched to the breaking point.

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