Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Day, More Outrage

Here I go, ranting again...

NIE Report: Iraq is getting worse. The Bush Administration is going to spin the surge as working, but it isn't. We need to get out, before more soldiers die for Halliburton's profits.

The Bush Administration has an anti-protester manual. In other words, Bush refuses to allow any visible protests near him. He can't deal with dissent at all. His ego is way too fragile. One wonders how he can exist at all. A dissenting word apparently will pop him.

How many of our soldiers will die in those cost effective 35 days? Are the lives of our soldiers really so worthless that they can't even ship lifesaving equipment by the fastest means possible instead of BY FREAKIN' BOAT???

Trying to help.

Iraq is like Vietnam. Even Bush admits it now. Ok, he doesn't seem to be talking about the same Vietnam that actually happened, but he admits it. Time to bring our troops home. NOW, not after another six years of pointless battle.

It's the economy. For the first time since WWII, the average income of Americans has gone down... since Bush took office. The rich are rapidly getting richer, but everyone else has been left behind.

Support the Troops: Kill a Prophet. A biblical lesson on claiming that dissenters are undermining the troops.

No secret ballot in Ohio. From a comment:
This is yet another reason that electronic voting should be turned into electronic assisted voting. You get your ballot from the poll worker. You may elect to mark or punch the ballot yourself and put it in the ballot box. Alternatively, you may insert the ballot into an electronic machine that does all the things that people value electronic machines for. When you press "Done", the electronic machine marks or punches the ballot and gives it back to you. You may check it or not before you put it in the ballot box.

Just because you can accumulate and count votes inside an electronic machine does not mean you should. In fact, it may mean exactly the opposite.
Pit-Bull owner had already been cited before the two dogs entered a neighbor's home, killed a dog in the home and seriously injured the woman living in the house. As far as I'm concerned, the owner should be in jail for assault. Letting any dog loose is bad, letting dangerous dogs loose should result in jail time.

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