Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Mighty Machete Missionaries

It's been awhile since we had Mormon missionaries in our yard, cleaning up the blackberries and ivy. But today a pair of them turned up on the porch, and were ready and willing to do some work as soon as I let them. I have no objection to anyone helping with yardwork, and I know it is a nice change for these guys to get to attack plants instead of knocking on doors, so I told 'em sure, come on and get to work.

They ran home to change into work clothes, then returned with a machete and work gloves. I supplied a rake and clipper, but they only used the rake. The first one, from Denver, attacked the back yard with his machete like he was working out some frustration. I helped the other, from Costa Rica, to rake up small plants from the sides near the house. After awhile he was able to rake up some of the machete leavings.

Eventually they switched places, and I told them they should only work until the yard waste bin was full. It didn't take them long at all, and they made a decent dent in the backyard jungle. While they worked, I also used my outdoor broom to clean off the back "porch" and make it walkable again. So, thanks to them showing up, I actually feel like I accomplished something outside today. Yay.

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