Friday, August 17, 2007


I've been closely following the Mariners this season, but without most of the passion I used to have for the game. Part of that is the taint of drug use in the Major Leagues that makes every game, every at bat, suspect. Part of it is the knowledge that most fans don't even care. They are perfectly fine with the illegal use of drugs because it apparently makes the game more exciting. Whatever.

The M's have a good record, are well over .500, and I hope they make the playoffs. But I'm not inclined to actually make an effort to see the games or go nuts over stats. The last time I did that was 2001... and some horrible things happened that year. Both in my personal life and ... well, you know. Sadly, a crazy devotion to baseball is now associated with those bad things in my mind.

I don't know why I'm posting this. I just feel like I ought to mention that my team is doing well, and I'm not completely ignoring them. Strange.

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