Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bush was AWOL, despite what the Wingnuts say

Daily Kos has rounded up the sequence of events as listed in Salon. The only thing CBS did wrong in their AWOL story was using memos that weren't from the same time period to "prove" their case. The main point of the story, that Bush was and is a wartime deserter, is still true.

And we've allowed a deserter to send our troops to die.

Good job, Republicans. I hope you've all signed up to join the military. After all, Mr George W "do what I say, not what I do" Bush wants YOU to die for his lies. And he's running out of American troops to send into harms way, so if you voted for him, you'd better sign up to support him. Join the military, or be a hypocrite. Unless you are really rich, like Bush's family. Then it's ok if you only pretend to go to war, then go AWOL like your idol.