Wednesday, January 12, 2005

There were never any WMD

US gives up the search for WMD. That's because there were never any WMD. That was a lie that Bush used to justify his unjustifiable invasion of Iraq.

If Bush were an honest man, he would resign immediately and take full responsibility. Every member of his administration that was involved in fabricating the lies would be fired, and most of them indicted for war crimes. Bush himself should spend a few years in prison, at the minimum, for sentencing thousands of people to death. In my opinion, he and Cheney are traitors and should pay the price for treason. Lying to start a war, especially when your country is already at war is definitely treason.

Let's make this absolutely clear. This was not a mistake. This was an intentional lie in order to cause a war. Bush lied to kill our troops. NEVER forget that.

And if you voted for him, NEVER forget that you voted to kill our troops. NEVER forget that you voted for a liar who took us into two wars at the same time without any preparation. NEVER forget that YOU supported this traitor. If you voted for Bush, the blood of our soldiers and thousands of innocent Iraqis is on YOUR hands. I hope you can live with that.